Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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Three Stages of Conversion of Dreams into Reality

These are my notes on the plenary education session delivered by Dana Lamon, 1992 World Champion of Public Speaking at the Joint District 51 and 80 Annual Conference in Jakarta in May 2005. Dana's ideas are simple and powerful. But the most amazing part of his presentation was how perfectly organized it was. It was a marvel of transition statements - I never lost my way throughout the 45 minute presentation.

Dana expanded the points below using his life as an example. He talked about how he was blind by his teenage years, how he struggled through law school (he is now a judge!), how he continues to dream and make them reality. He suggests you spend some quiet time answering these questions whenever you want to make your dreams reality.

Stage 1 - Desire
a. What do I want?
b. Why do I want it?
c. When I get it, will it make me smile? (we all laughed at this one)

Stage 2 - Vision
d. What must I do to make it happen?
e. How long will it take me to get it?
f. What will it cost for me to get it?
g. Who are my necessary partners? ( you can't do it alone)

Stage 3 - Action
h. What priority will I give this dream?
i. What will I have to let go or avoid to get it?
1. avoid distractions
2. avoid making excuses
3. let go of obligations (intelligently!) that hold you back
j. Who can I help along the way?
k. What happens to a dream that you defer?
If you don't act on a dream, will you use it as an excuse for more failure? punish yourself? blame others? or take a positive course?


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