Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Hello fellow KTMC, hope everyone still alive and kicking, hehehe

Please attend our new schedule of meeting effective September 9, same time and venue. Hear out TM Mario and TM Buddy as they compete with their MP Num 4 , "SHOW WHAT YOU MEAN", goodluck guys.

Hurray to TM Eileen who will do her Icebreaker, take it away TM Eileen, I know you can do it. It's time to move ahead anyway...he he

I would like to take this opportunity to please be reminded of our TM dues before OCTOBER 1. Remember the 10th indisputable law of teamwork? "THE LAW OF THE PRICE TAG - THE TEAM FAILS TO REACH ITS POTENTIAL WHEN IT FAILS TO PAY THE PRICE."

Thank you to ATM-G Gina Mapua, Lt. Governor Marketing District 75 for the best ever "PUMPKIN MARBLE CAKE"....you have made a legacy for it hehehe passing your best recipe to me. It's really nice of you. Thanks for visiting our blog, too. To all who drop by to see our blog, thank you and we would appreciate if you could leave a comment {please click the bottom left hand word "comment" and or email our post by clicking the envelope after the blog}. Cheers

Goodluck to all.


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