Friday, September 09, 2005

Fantastic KTMC

Wow, what a night for the KTMC. As usual, we have maintained our attendance {though not a 100 percent, but the quality is there} and guests list tonight. I am more than happy that inspite the obstacles around us, we still manage to have fun and enjoy toastmasters he he he oh well, life has to go on.

Congratulations to TM Mario and TM Buddy for a well crafted "SHOW WHAT YOU MEAN" speeches and the delivery was full of excitement, too.

It was a surprised when TM Weng gave her ICEBREAKER in just a short notice. TM Weng, it was an outstanding icebreaker and with standing ovation, pa hah...

Thanks to TM Cythia for the AVOCADOs raffle, lucky soon to be Toastmaster Emette Custodio for winning the fruits during our fruitful night he he he

Thank you also to our new Toastmaster member who signed tonigth, TM Metzi for filling the gap on our program as you "turn the table" with your excellent AH countering, complete with correction of grammatical error, too, impressive and well done TM Metzi. Welcome to the club.
Likewise, thanks to Dr. Arnold Jaime as guest grammarian and Paulo Macavinta as timer/finemaster {filling the gap in leiu of the absent tm's he he}, to Rhea and Emette for guesting and to all the future toasmaters of TM Cynthia and TM Mona {brought the kids with them, well behave and very good listerners at that and that they enjoyed the jokemastering}

It was indeed a fun-filled and very educational night. Thank you to all the members, KTMC turns nearly a year since the 1st and last demonstration meeting in September 25, 2004. It's worth the effort and the tears, too hehehe


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good one

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