Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Accomplished Area Report of Club Visits

The Area Report of Club Visits give the district leaders an idea of how our clubs are doing. This is where we can identify the requirements of the clubs so they can deliver the services their members need.

To date only 8 of our 36 Area Governors have accomplished their Area Reports of Club Visits online. That's only 20% of our goals!

Area 1 Gov Ellsworth Vitug
Area 2 Gov Elene Amar
Area 13 Gov Jay C. Mendezona
Area 14 Gov Valerie Rita Y. Bringas
Area 32 Gov Gregorio Anastacio Rufon Jr.
Area 52 Gov April Nestlie Piasan
Area 72 Gov Dona Ado
Area 74 Gov Roxanne B. Borromeo

Area Govs, please submit your reports as soon as possible. If you need help submitting your reports online, please ask your Division Governor for help accessing a computer.

Remember to report on at least 75% of your club base. This is a critical requirement for areas governors to attain the Select Distinguished and President's Distinguished awards.

Go the distance and submit reports on 100% of your clubs!


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