Sunday, August 07, 2005


Great news today:

Clap, clap, clap to TM Cynthia, TM Botoy, TM Buddy for passing MP Number 3, TM Mona for MP Number 2, standing ovation and most applauded TM Cecile for her ICE BREAKER.
Congratulations to TM Mario and TM Buddy for winning the raffle of one each fruit bearing seedlings {Lanzones} courtesy of TM Remie.
Welcome TM Judith Tindog, our newest member yet to be registered soon to T.I. Her mentor and sponsor is VP Mem TM Cynthia {her 3rd guests who came and visited the club regular meeting to sign as new member, splendid work TM Cythia, according to her, "kina-career ko na pagiging VP Mem Toastmasters."
During the successful club meeting last night, KTMC will open a bank account to deposit remaining financial on hand to the nominated bank, Club Goals were discussed by CL Megs Lunn and reminder of October 1 TM dues to T.I.
Please attend August 20 regular meeting, speaker: CL Megs Lunn on EVALUATE TO MOTIVATE, special request topic by KTMC members. We will have two speakers to speak on MP 3: TM Mona and MP 1: TM Remie.
We are inviting Toastmasters from Iloilo and Bacolod to help TM Megs do the evaluation. We will offer our guest room for you and rambutan fruits of TM Botoy are waiting for you...DG Emily, aabut ka pa this end of August hehehe


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