Saturday, August 20, 2005

Every KTMC deserves a pat in the back...

I am more than happy to see the equal attendance of KTMC and guests last meeting. It was so far the best ever attended regular meeting. What with almost member brought a friend/guest/s with them, not mentioning the raffle {imported unsweetened marsmallow chocolate} courtesy of TM Mona Magayanes.
Congratulations to TM Mona Magayanes for giving a splendid manual project num 3 entitled "A MATTER OF TIME", to TM Remie Recoter for her "DESTINED TO BE" Icebreaker and the most applauded and entertaining MP No 4 of TM Cynthia dela Cruz entitled "GROWING OLD GRACEFULLY". In general, all the speakers were excellent and born speaker. KTMC proud of you guys.
Welcome baby toastmaster Niki Stone of Denver Mile High Colorado, a US Peace Corps Volunteer who signed up in her first guesting with KTMC to membership to Toastmasters, and other guests who came and promised to sign next time. We are looking forward to seeing all of you more next meeting.


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