Monday, July 25, 2005


Thank you to DG Elisa, DTM Alan, TM Gina, DG Emily and TM Porchia for the efforts of travelling to Iloilo to reach out to us. Thank you for coming over to ILOILO City for our 1st Round of Training. It was a very informative club management training and full of fun, too. No doubt, our youngest member of KTMC, TM Buddy really enjoyed it very much hehehehe

We are hoping that KTMC can host the next training, huh...see you all next time. You are all inspiring.

Thank you also to DTM Nas and company for preparing the sumptous food for all of us. Wish you all the best and looking forward to be working with you all in the future.

Thank you to TM Philip for the promise to support our club. You're really great.

My great appreciation goes to VP Mem TM Cynthia for the L300 Van service..thank you for your wholehearted support to KTMC and as always, YOU SHINE with ideas and dreams....

To all the KTMC officers and members who joined the training, THANK YOU and wishing always the best for everyone and our club.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Congratulations to TM Buddy for winning the last meeting's raffle of euphoria plants courtesy of CP Botoy. Watch out for next meeting August 6, for another raffle of fruit bearing tree courtesy of TM Remy.

Kudos to TM Mario for passing MP Number 3. See you all July 24 for our 1st round of Division D Training at DON BENITO HALL HOSPITAL, 5th floor library area. Thank you to VP Mem Cynthia for your enthusiasm of always bringing guests every meeting. Hope they come back soon and join our club. No doubt your the VP Mem. Keep up the good work. I salute you all KTMC officers and members for your attendance every meeting, the shared laughs from jokemaster always makes our meeting full of fun and the volunteerism of each and every member makes our club meetings worth waiting for.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Fellow KTMC, our Division is looking forward to all officers and members to attend July 24 (Sunday) 1st Round of Division D Officers and Members Training: Club Management and Information Training in Iloilo City. Venue to be announced later. We are trying to go there as a group so we suggest to those who has a car, then we will contribute for the gasoline to minimize expenses. Registration at 8 AM. We will go back the same day. Please please let us show that KTMC is ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE! Thank you.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Congratulations to VP Mem TM Cynthia dela Cruz, TM Felma dela Cruz and TM Buddy Balleza for passing MP#1 (ICE BREAKER). It was another amazing true life stories, thank you for "breaking the ice". Keep movin' and bring KTMC to greater heights.

Congratulations to TM Weng for winning the raffle (1 layer cake). Kodus to TM Cynthia for sponsoring the cake. Watch out for the potted plants next meeting courtesy of Charter Pres. TM Botoy Villorente.

We would like to encourage members to continue bringing guests every meeting. They inspire us to perform better.

To all KTMC members, thank you for making our meetings full of fun and inspirations. God bless!