Tuesday, June 14, 2005


By: ATM-G Elisa G. Tay
There are a million and one reasons why we joined Toastmasters…
Share these “why?” with others …
Invite them to join in your journey to excellence!

1) LEARN – Many dislike being taught but everyone likes to get smarter. Many are lazy to sit down and write speeches but everyone likes to look good in front of an audience. Learn interesting speaking techniques and strategies that will give you confidence in an enjoyable, non-competitive atmosphere.
2) GROW – Fearful of public speaking? Conquer it with a smile. Need to improve communication skills? This is the place to practice. Have great ideas to share? Make sure the message gets across with Toastmasters. Prepared speeches and impromptu opportunities let you move at your own pace.
3) GAIN – Toastmasters will help you professionally. Whether or not you are in sales, the positive effects will soon become apparent in your workplace. Whether you are in education or not, the speaking exposure will be a bonus. Whether you are a housewife or not, it allows you a platform to share your thoughts. Plus, membership looks great on a resume.
4) VALUE – The cost is very nominal. Often employers will the dues, knowing it will make you a better employee. The well organized one to at least two-hour meetings does not rob you of precious time.
5) PEOPLE – The social aspects are quite rewarding. You make new friends from a wide variety of backgrounds, abilities, and interests. It is a cost effective way to meet people and to network, and in the process hone your public speaking skills. Taking your turn evaluating other speeches gives you great diplomacy skills.
6) REWARD – Toastmasters can open the door to many other events. You will have access to seminars, competitions, and resources that will help you become a better communicator. In the end raising the bar of one’s confidence is immeasurable pleasure.
7) PRIDE – Our local chapter is a unique group of individuals who help each other in a positive, supportive environment. Every time you deliver a speech, react to table topics, or evaluate you share in the pride of doing well. Linking Toastmasters International will serve as a portal no matter how far you want to go.



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